Meet Fabella, the future of interactive audio.

To empower game developers, podcast producers, audiobook publishers and other storytelling creatives with an easy-to-use tool for designing interactive audio experiences, we are introducing Fabella – our fully-featured visual editor for authoring and deploying content to Amazon Alexa, Google Home and smartphones.

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“At Wanderword we wanted to build something that would encourage people to write interactive and engaging audio stories and entertainment. Our great team was able to build a platform that does this in a fun, easy-to-use way.”

Johan Strömberg, CEO

Fabella Features.

Create once - publish everywhere.

Fabella streamlines the publishing process by offering tools that allow developers to export to multiple platforms with a single click – including Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, iOS and Android.

Fast, intuitive editing.

Fabella uses a quick and easy node-based system with drag-and-drop. No advanced coding experience required – beginners can be up and running in minutes.

Expansive library of first class voices.

Fabella offers access to over 400 synthetic voices (narrators, digital actors, promo voice-over) from the best providers, and you can bring your own voice recordings too.

Live collaboration for teams.

The Fabella editor allows your whole team to collaborate on a project in real time with near-instantaneous sync – a major time saver.

Multiple independent audio channels.

Dynamic audio system with simultaneous voices, sound effects and music/ambience.

Advanced game design features.

Highly customizable, ready-made components tailored for gaming functionality.


Try out Fabella Professional for free! 1 month evaluation period.


(single user)
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• For beginners/students
✓ Up to 2 projects
✓ Up to 100 nodes
✓ Azure synthetic voices


per month and active user
Choose plan
• For small teams
✓ Unlimited projects
✓ Live collaboration
✓ Azure, Polly, Replica voices
✓ Deployment to Alexa, Google, smartphones
✓ Analytics


Custom pricing
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• For large teams
✓ Unlimited projects
✓ Live collaboration
✓ Custom voice selection
✓ Deployment to Alexa, Google, smartphones
✓ Analytics


Custom pricing
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• Multi-user plan for schools
✓ Unlimited projects
✓ Live collaboration
✓ Custom voice selection
✓ Deployment to Alexa, Google, smartphones
✓ Analytics
Questions? Contact the Fabella Developer Relations team at

Fabella Business.

Want to know how Fabella can be used to put your business ahead of the curve?

Get in touch with the Fabella Business team! We'd love to show you some use cases that demonstrate the true power of Fabella. We're here to give you a tour of the possibilities for voice-driven services that you can build and deploy. You'll be surprised how easy it is to create products that you can talk to, or to add a voice control dimension to existing products and services.

Contact the Fabella Business team

✓ Build Voice Assistants in days, not weeks.
✓ Convert content to audio with simple copy/paste.
✓ Create training and education that will be remembered.
✓ Create talking kiosks for directory or information lookup.
✓ Create audio ordering for restaurants.

✓ Connect to spreadsheets and databases.
✓ Connect to operating systems for distributed device control.
✓ Create location based guided tours using audio.
✓ Create AIVR phone answering systems.
✓ And more...


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