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Fabella Audiobook Builder (FAB) enables you to create audiobooks from text to speech using state-of-the-art synthetic voices from leading providers. In FAB, you can edit, preview and produce an audiobook in a few simple steps at a fraction of the cost of hiring voice actors.

FAB is designed for publishers, authors and aspiring storytellers looking to broaden their reach by transforming their e-books or manuscripts into an audiobook format in the simplest and most convenient way possible.

Ease of use is at the heart of FAB, bringing your stories to life with the click of a button. Simply import your text into the editor, select from a wide range of voices in different styles, languages and accents, and voilà – your audiobook is ready.


• Text to audiobook in just a few minutes
• Lowest cost of entry into audiobook production
• No coding skills necessary – just bring the text!
• Massive voice library – find the perfect voice for your story out of an ever growing library with hundreds of options
“FAB will open the doors for everyone wishing to enter the audiobook production market, offering powerful tools for creation of audiobooks in a fast, easy and affordable way.”

Johan Strömberg, CEO, Wanderword.


Fabella Audiobook Builder (FAB)

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• For authors and publishers looking for a cost-efficient way to produce audiobooks with high quality digital narration
* Special introductory offer on Fabella Audiobook Builder valid until January 31, 2022.
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